24 Nov

2015 Bikes at UNBELIEVABLE PRICES! (All at least 25% OFF!)

We just grabbed a large amount of the sample 2015 LOUIS GARNEAU bikes. Mostly Road, entry level to high end and a few CX and Hybrid options.

What’s the catch you ask? These are the sample models, so generally 1 size per model only, normally a Medium Frame size. We get these at a discount and pass the savings along. So get in while there is still plenty of models to choose from.

LG Axis 5, Mens or Ladies. CLARIS level ALL Aluminum Road.
RRP $775, NOW $565
LG Axis SL4, Mens or Ladies. CLARIS level Aluminum Road.
RRP $949, NOW $699
LG Axis SL3, Mens or Ladies. SORA level Aluminum Road.
RRP $1,099, NOW $799
LG Axis SL2, Mens or Ladies. TIAGRA level Aluminum Road.
RRP $1,349, NOW $999
LG Axis SL1, Mens or Ladies. 105 level Aluminum Road.
RRP $1,549, NOW $1,049

LG Gennix R1 Performance, 11 speed 105, race geometry full carbon.
RRP $2,999, NOW $1,999
LG Gennix E1 Elite, Mens or Ladies. 11 speed ULTEGRA, Endurance geometry, full carbon.
RRP $2,999, NOW $1,999
LG Gennix E1 Sport, TIAGRA level, Endurance geometry, full carbon.
RRP $1,799, NOW $1,199

LG SONIX Sport, SORA level, Full Carbon Frame and Fork.
RRP $1,599, NOW $1,049

LG STEEPLE X, 11 speed 105 level, Aluminum Frame, Carbon Fork Cyclocross Bike.
Reg $1,599, NOW $1,049

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Lots of various disc Brake Hybrid and entry level comfort bikes SALE PRICED between $329 and $849


24 Nov

IMG_6541 This is the LAST WEEK of our NOVEMBER SALE!!!
25% OFF EVERYTHING ends on SUNDAY 30th, last chance to get across the board savings on EVERYTHING!!!

We will have an XMAS SALE, but only likely to have remaining 2013 and 2014 complete bikes at discount prices.

Get in and save while you can!!! These prices couldn’t last forever…

SKI and SNOWBOARD Tune Ups are BACK!!!

10 Nov

Seasonal reminder that we offer SKI & SNOWBOARD Tune-ups for ONLY $25!!!

Next day turnaround guaranteed, usually same day if you can get it in our hands before lunchtime.

This gets you a wax and an edge, for the bigger gouges we can fill them in with P-tex for $5 per gouge.

We offer the SKI & SNOWBOARD Tune-ups during ski season only! A week or so before the local mountains open, until they close!



4 Nov

Believe your eyes!

For NOVEMBER ONLY we have at least 25% OFF the original Retail Price of EVERYTHING IN STORE!!!

BIKES, ACCESSORIES, TUNE-UPS (including repair parts) EVERYTHING!!!

SOME stock marked down as much as 50%!!!

2013 models all marked down AT LEAST 30%

Items will become limited, so don’t wait, we’re looking to liquidate all remaining stock in time for the 2015 arrivals!

This is the FULL LIST of bikes that are currently ON SALE.
25% OFF our 2014 models and EVERYTHING in store until the end of NOVEMBER!
30% or MORE off all 2013 models!!!
We’ll update it as often as we can, but these are probably going to move fast with size options becoming limited quickly!

Bolt. Reg $549, NOW $411.75
Voltage. Reg $599, NOW $449.25
Tesla. Reg $679, NOW $509.25
Dynamo. Reg $849, NOW $636.75
Energy. Reg $999, NOW 749.25
Ocho. Reg $1,149, NOW 861.75
Salish. Reg $879, NOW 659.25
Sasamat. Reg $999, NOW 749.25
Romulus. Reg $899, NOW $674.25
Remo. Reg $1,399, NOW $1,049.25
Tiber. Reg $1,699, NOW $1,274.25
Revel. Reg $999, NOW $749.25
Ronin. Reg $1,299, NOW $974.25
Romax. Reg $1,799, NOW $1,349.25 (SOLD OUT)
Monster. Reg $1,699, NOW $1,274.25
Circuit. Reg $1,049, NOW $786.75
Argus. Reg $1,249, NOW $936.75
Elan. Reg $1,449, NOW $1,086.75
Elan Vital. $1,999, NOW $1,499.25
Force. Reg $649, NOW $486.75
Tact. Reg $799, NOW $599.25
Quantum. Reg $749, NOW $561.75

Inizio. Reg $810, NOW $607.50
Inizio Bellissima. Reg $810, NOW $607.50
Partenza. Reg $910, NOW $682.50
Partenza Bellissima. Reg $910, NOW $682.50
Alare. Reg $1,020, NOW $765
Alare Bellissima. Reg $1,020, NOW $765
Vincere. Reg $1,230, NOW $922.50
Vincere Bellissima. Reg $1,230, NOW $922.50
Vincere 2013 (30% OFF) Reg $1,199, NOW $839.30
PC1 2013 (30% OFF). Reg $1,525, NOW $999
PC1 Bellissima 2013 (30% OFF). Reg $1,525, NOW $999
PC2 (30% OFF). Reg $1,845, NOW $1,249
PC3 Bellissima 2013 (30% OFF). Reg $1,970, NOW $1,499
PC4 2013 (30% OFF). Reg $2,599, NOW $1,699
PC1 2014. Reg $1,640, NOW $1,230
PC2 2014. Reg $1,845, NOW $1,383.75
CX Triple. Reg $979, NOW $734.25
CX Comp. Reg $1,265, NOW $948.75
CXR 2013 (30% OFF) Reg $1,499, NOW $999
UNO Riser. Reg $710, NOW $532.50
UNO Drop. Reg $710, NOW $532.50
FIXED Riser. Reg $810, NOW $607.50


Detour 3.5. Reg $389, NOW $291.75
Detour 4.5. Reg $499, NOW $374.25
Detour 5.5. Reg $599, NOW $449.25
Misceo 2.0. Reg $599, NOW $449.25
Misceo 3.0. Reg $799, NOW $599.25
Cadent 3.0. Reg $799, NOW $599.35
Revenio Carbon. Reg $1,750, NOW $1,312.50
Revenio 2.0. 2012/3 (30% OFF). Reg $999, NOW $699
Rush Hour. Reg $599, NOW $449

Touring. Reg $929, NOW $696.75
Track Classic. Reg $579, NOW $434.25
Feather. Reg $679, NOW $509.25


Lager. Reg $549, NOW $411.75
Tripel. Reg $489, NOW $366.75
24″ SoCal Flyer. Reg $449, NOW $336.75
16″ Lil’Ripper. Reg $399, NOW $299.25

ASAMA Bikes:

Luddite. Reg $389, NOW $291.75
Pollution Solution. Reg $549, NOW $411.75

Brougham. Reg $589, NOW $441.75

1/2 PRICE Bargains!

26 Oct

We have 50% OFF (or more!) on select Parts and Accessories at the minute.

SAVE even MORE on remaining SERFAS SHOES!

If you are after some upgrades we also still have some of our 50% OFF SHIMANO SALE with some Dura-ace, Ultegra, XT, XTR parts to choose from!

Cyclocross Season!

22 Oct

While the race Cyclocross race season is coming to an end next month, we’re fans of year round Cyclocross usage!

The benefits of opting for a Cyclocross bike when it comes to overall general usage are numerous. You get a drop bar bike that is normally fully capable of running racks, fenders, much larger tire sizes than say a road bike.

They come in a good bit lighter in weight than most of the touring bike options and have a little bit of a sportier feel with the integrated shifters, lighter weight frames and components. Many of the models also come with triple cranksets to give you more options when it comes to light touring and commuting.

Of course you can always use them to ride Cyclocross too!! They are built to take a good amount of abuse, so can easily handle all the stresses of your daily commute.

We have quite the selection when it comes to CX models. We carry the FULL BRODIE line of bikes, the REVEL, RONIN, ROMAX and MONSTER. The MASI options include the CX Triple, CX Comp, CXR and CXR Comp.

Base models from these companies start at around $999 and the more race spec models get closer to the $2,000 price.

Luckily we have 15% OFF all in stock 2014 models and just recently secured a number of 2013 models that are on sale for 30% OFF!, so never a better time to make the switch. Pop in, try one out, don’t wait too long as sizes are already becoming limited.

We are almost out of smaller sizes and topped up on larger sizes at the minute!

brodierevel2014 2014 BRODIE REVEL
7005 Aluminum Frame and Chromoly Fork, Shimano CLARIS Shifters and derailleurs, HAYES CX5 Disc Brakes, Truvativ Cranks.
Popular as a CX or as a commuter as it has comes with rack and fender mounts.
Reg. $999. NOW $849

2014BrodieRonin BRODIE RONIN
Butted 7005 aluminum frame and chromoly fork, TIAGRA 10 speed shifters and derailleurs. HAYES CX5 disc brakes, Shimano hubs, freehub, cassette and chain.
Great CX bike or works great as a commuter with all necessary rack and fender mounts.
Reg. $1,299. NOW $1,099

2014cxTriple 2014 CX TRIPLE
Double butted Chromoly “Cyclocross” model.
Very adaptable and can be used as a commuter or touring bike.
All the braze on’s, eyelets and room for fenders you could need.
CLARIS STI shifters and derailleurs, FSA cranks.
Reg. $970. NOW $819

2014cxComp 2014 CX COMP
Sporting mechanical disc brakes and the new monstercross size fork. The CX Comp has went through a few upgrades for 2014. Comes with a 10 speed TIAGRA shifters and derailleurs. Ready to race, ramp, commute or even tour. Your do it all bike from MASI.
Reg. $1,265. NOW $1,075

2013 MODELS ALL 30% OFF!

2013BrodieRonin 2013 BRODIE RONIN
Butted 7005 aluminum frame and chromoly fork, TIAGRA 10 speed shifters and derailleurs. HAYES CX5 disc brakes, Shimano hubs, freehub, cassette and chain.
Great CX bike or works great as a commuter with all necessary rack and fender mounts.
Reg. $1,299. NOW $999

masicxr MASI CXR

Double Butted Aluminum Frame, Carbon Fork legs.
10 speed Tiagra Shifters and deraillueurs. FSA Gossamer BB30 CX cranks.
Tektro Canti’s, Prologo saddle.

Reg. $1,499.
NOW $1,049

*UPDATE* 2015 Brodie Bikes Launch Party! *UPDATE*

17 Oct

Well aren’t you in luck! With the nice weather and the good folks at BRODIE agreeing to help out for another day, it’s now a 2015 BRODIE LAUNCH WEEKEND!

If the weather holds we’ll have Bobby manning the BBQ, come take a 2015 for a test ride and have the chance to own one before anyone else!!!

Saturday 18th and Sunday 19th! October At our 2255 West Broadway store we’ll have almost every 2015 Brodie models on display/for sale at our 2015 Brodie Bikes launch.

The Brodie guys will be on hand to answer questions and fill you in with all the details.

Save on 2015 prices! HUGE savings
on all 2014 models!