Easter Deals and updates!

17 Apr

We have some deals in store for you all this EASTER!

While stock last, we have:

30% OFF all remaining BERN helmets!

25% (or more) OFF all 2013 bikes.

$399 ASAMA Pollution Solution hybrid’s. (Reg $549)

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With the change of season, we are NO longer offering SKI & SNOWBOARD tune-up’s until the fall!

If you missed out on any of the 2013 MASI‘s we had on sale, we just have almost 100 brand new 2013 models (Inizio, Partenza, Gran Corsa, Premiare PC1, Premiare PC2, Evoluzione RIVAL, APEX, 105 and Ultegra) arriving this week, all at 25% OFF!

Another Shameless Self Plug!

10 Apr

We had the good folks from BICYCLES FOR HUMANITY drop by last week to pick up another 50 or so bikes to be shipped off in containers later in the year to Africa. We threw in a bunch of repair parts and brand new tires to help with the effort.

These bikes are some of the ones that we get donated to us daily. The containers stay in the country to act as safe storage and even as a makeshift work shop.

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We’re always happy to see large amounts of bikes leaving the store this time of year as we are to see large amounts turning up in boxes!

If you have a bike that you no longer need, give us a ring, we even offer a FREE pick up service! Not all the bikes go to causes like this. Certain styles are favored for there, (generally older MTB models with 26 inch wheels) while certain styles are favored for around the city (those are the ones we fully re-tune and refurbish to get back out on the road in our USED BIKES section.

For more information on this project and ways you can help click here: BICYCLES FOR HUMANITY

2014 FUJI Fixed Gears!

26 Mar

We just got our 1st shipment of the 2014 FUJI “Track Classic” and “Feather” models in this morning.

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The TRACK CLASSIC is much the same bike as in previous years, as we have come to expect, with a few cosmetic tweaks to keep it looking fresh.
We have these in 43cm(650 wheel size) 49, 52, 54, 56, 58 and 61cm options and only available in BLACK!
Regular Retail is $529, get them until the end of MARCH for ONLY $499

The “FEATHER” is more of a classic style, few nice features like the head tube badge, 1 inch threaded headset, quill stem, more classic style drop bars, aero post and higher end wheel set.
2 color options in the “FEATHER” this year, both stores have the BLACK (pictured) and for now MAIN STREET has the ORANGE option too!
Available in 49, 52, 54, 56, 58 and 61cm options.
Regular Retail is $639, get the until the end of MARCH for ONLY $599

Ted Talks

18 Mar

The TED TALKS conference is in town as many of you may have heard.

Never one to miss out on a photo op, Don can be seen here providing them with a BRODIE TIBER road bike, set up on one of our home trainers.

This is one of our favourite bikes this year and there for you to test out if your lucky enough to make it down while the conference is on.

Lock tips from BikeHUB.ca

13 Mar

Filmed at some spots you might recognise from around the Mount Pleasant area. This is a great quick lock up tip guide to check out.

No More Bike Theft! from HUB: Your Cycling Connection on Vimeo.

locks Goes without saying… we are fully stocked with locks and anti-theft skewers to try and make your bike as theft proof as possible.

We are particular fans of are ABUS, KRYPONITE and BIKE GUARD brands. All these options are available at BOTH our Vancouver stores!


13 Mar

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We’re one bike down at our MAIN STREET store. A little bit of Canadiana made it’s way back to Portland where these frames were welded in the first place.

Some of you might recognise it as Dave Osato’s Schwinn BMX from back in the day. Pretty sure this thing weighed 40lbs and was the bike he pulled his first (probably the 1st) tailwhip to manual to tailwhip!

We got the bike from Terry at WHEELIES BMX SHOP in Coquitlam. Shad from GOODS BMX in Portland was in town and has quite the collection of all things vintage hanging from the rafters at his shop where this won’t be so lonely.

The dream of the 90′s is alive Portland… when it comes to all things BMX anyway. If your ever down that way make sure to stop by GOODS.

Vancouver Biennale Donations

6 Mar

biennale Some of the artists participating in the VANCOUVER BIENNALE dropped by our BROADWAY store yesterday to pick up 10 bikes.
We are donating these so that the artists can get around the city by bike while they are here, and take part in the BIKENNALE.
Plans are to strip, paint and then build back up to be rolling BIENNALE billboards (maybe a few RIDE ON stickers too!)
Welcome to Vancouver from us, good just you brought umbrellas!

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