15 Mar

We now have a NEW WEBSITE over at WWW.RIDEON.COM

This is where you will be able to find the most up to date models, pricing and deals.

Feel free to scroll around this site for some of our archives.

We’re going to keep this one up, just not updated!

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We’re Hiring! Experienced Mechanics Needed

19 Jan

Hiring right now, in January! (Doesn’t happen very often at this time of year) hiring_graphic

Looking for at least 2 experienced full time bike mechanics, the more experience the better. Broad knowledge of all types of bikes , both new and old.

Even if you are currently cut back to part time at another bike stores for winter, we can accommodate part timers with the right skills if you need an extra few shifts per week.

Competitive pay, easy going co workers, we’re higher volume than many other shops in town so do expect to be kept busy.

Weekend work is the be expected, email resumes to info@rideon.com or feel free to drop one off in person to our 2255 West Broadway location (11-6:30)

2016 MASI CX models

16 Dec

2016 MASI Models are here!

3 models so far, the Speciale CX, the Speciale CX Comp and the CXGR.

The Speciale CX gets the upgrade to disc brakes for 2016 and a bit of a jump in price (a combo of the Canadian $ and the disc upgrade) to $1,349.

The Speciale CX Comp gets kitted out with the new 10 speed Shimano Tiagra, a fresh color scheme and still a double butted chromoly frame with monstercross style fork. $1,499 for 2016

The CXGR gets a couple of tweaks on last years model, Double Butted Chromoly Frame, Carbon Fork and 11 speed Shimano 105 all for $1,799

We still have some EPIC deals on ALL REMAINING 2015 CX Bikes, with lots of sizes still available. ALL 20% OFF (compared to prices going UP 10-20% for 2016) serious savings!

MASI Speciale CX
MASI Speciale CX Comp

More Bikes to Great Causes

15 Dec

Bob from the Surrey Christmas Bureau stopped by to pick up 40 tuned up kids bikes donated by us for the Adopt a Family Program!!

If you have any bikes that you want to donate, call us on 604-746-7433 to arrange a FREE PICK UP, or alternatively you can drop bikes off at any of our locations during opening hours.


Bikes to Good Causes

10 Dec

Always good to get bikes out to good causes.

This is a bike that we donated for the prize at the JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation) for their annual GALA which was themed as “rocking for research” this year and held at the Fairmont Hotel in Vancouver on November 7th.

Always down to help out with a good cause when we can.

The event was a huge success as usual, Rockin’ for Research is well-known as one of the city’s best and most vibrant galas, and has raised an incredible $11.5 million to date to help JDRF accelerate the discovery, development, and delivery of cutting edge advances to cure, better treat, and prevent type 1 diabetes.


Bicycle Recycling!

8 Dec

This was a pretty neat write up from the Province last week featuring Dennis from the Burnaby Lions Club.


For the past few years, Dennis has been working away all year fixing up donated kids bikes, getting them restored and ready for another thankful new owner!

We always donate whatever parts, tools he needs and also donated many of the kids bikes.

Thanks for the shout out, much appreciated. Obviously it goes without saying, if you have any bicycles (any shape, size or condition) get a hold of us, we even offer a FREE PICK UP service!

We have always recycled donated bikes, and always will. Any of you that know us will know how big we are on recycling. We always aim to keep as much out of the landfill as possible by taking our tires/tubes to be shredded and put back into asphalt, steel and aluminum separated and recycled. Read more at www.vancouverbicyclerecycling.com

Of course, anything we can refurbish, tune and get back on the road we do and sell on as one of our FULLY TUNED used bikes.

Great for the students, anyone that needs a reliable bike on a budget, or wants a solid “beater bike” we have an idea of what is in stock on our USED BIKES SITE


Recovered Brodie Bikes!

1 Dec

There were a couple of happy customers that stopped by our Broadway store this week after being reunited with their stolen bikes!

Unfortunately we have people come in all too often having had their bikes stolen.

Luckily enough we also get a lot of people coming in with big smiles after getting their bike back!

There are always things you can do to try and minimize the chances of having your bike stolen. A good quality lock, having your bike equipped with NON Quick Release levers, locking the bike correctly!!

Also worth trying to lock the bike at busier, generally more frequented locations such as coffee shops, grocery stores as opposed to places such as Sky Train stations, outside cinemas, libraries etc. where people are normally gone for a period of time.

We always take customers details, name, phone number and record the Serial Number of the bike. Now that we are computerized we email a copy of the receipt so there is a paper and electronic copy of the serial number.

Recently, the VPD recently teamed up with the PROJECT 529 AP (bike registry ap) to try and make the reporting and recovery of stolen bikes much easier and faster.

“Despite enforcement, and initiatives like Bait Bikes, over 2000 bicyles are stolen in Vancouver every year. In the summer months, nine bikes are stolen every day.

On the flipside, the VPD recovers roughly 2000 bicycles in a year. Unfortunately, the majority of them will never be returned to their owners, as their serial numbers have not been reported to police, making them untraceable. These bikes will end up at auction, but we’d rather return them to their rightful owners.”




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