14 Jun

Just a few of our staff bikes to give you an idea what some of our tastes are. These are just the tip of the iceberg and we’ll be updating this as much as we can with a bit more variety!

donelctra Don’s ELECTRA Ticino with a couple of extra personal touches. PAUL Canti’s, Canti Levers and PAUL Thumbie adapters. VELO ORANGE front rack. You can take the man off a BMX but you can’t take the BMX out of the man… ODI Longneck grips, EASTERN BMX pedals and Kool Stop brake pads!

tiromax Bobby’s TI BRODIE ROMAX
One of the most dialed bikes you will see, Titanium Brodie Romax Frame, Carbon Fork, CHRIS KING hubs, ULTEGRA shifters and derailleurs, SRAM RED cranks, THOMSON stem and seatpost, nothing but the best for Bobby!

motobecane Dustin has a varied bike collection, from a Ti Lamborghini road bike, Touring machines with rohloff hubs, tandems, Bike Fridays, anything folding or “rampable”. The MOTOBACANE is old faithful. Custom mods a plenty, just shows you don’t always need the dream build to get you going where you need to be!

fairdalecustom Rob’s daily commuter! FAIRDALE COASTER frame and fork, CHRIS KING ‘Dreadset’ and front hub, S&M Challenger stem, SKULL SKATES bars, PAUL rack, PHIL WOOD rear hub, PROFILE cranks with TREE sprocket. THOMSON post with TI FLITE saddle, SCHWALBE Durano Tires, V.O. fenders.

Staff member Ted’s fixie!
49cm Fuji Classic Frame and Fork set, SRAM Onmium Cranks, Thomson Post and Stem, Profile Hubs, Velocity B43 rims, Schwalbe tires,
Animal Pedals, YNOT straps, ODI grips, Sixty Bars and a classic Lite Turbo saddle.

S&M BTM 21 inch frame (moondust lime!), S&M Pitch forks, S&M Hoder bars, S&M Redneck stem, PROFILE cranks and hubs, 1664 rims and brake cable, Revenge headset and seatpost, F-it FAF tires, TREE sprocket and seat. FLY brake and pedals and tech 77 brake lever!

Don’s Sword Build.
FBM Sword F&F, Profile bars, Stem, Hubs with Titanium bolts & Profile Seatclamp. Red Velocity Deep V rims, Rare Dura-Ace red Anno Cranks. 20c Tires, Ame grips, 1664 headset, Animal plastic pedals with YNOT straps and a custom BROOKS by Ken Diamond.

Dave from MAIN STREET stores new ride. 21″ UNITED Forte HT frame, ECLAT Forks, pedals, tires & brake. FIT stem & seat. WTP Everlite bars, COLONY lever & sprocket. PROFILE cranks, MACNEIL Blazer hubs laced to ALIEN NATION rims and a REDLINE post.

Dave’s Sword build
FBM Sword Frame (53cm) and Forks, Fit stem, Roox bars, S&M Randy Brown grips, purple fixed Profile hubs laced into Velocity Deep V rims, Profile cranks, S&M motomag sprocket, Thomson seatpost, KINK seatpost clamp and a Tioga Web saddle.

Custom built 10″tall FBM frame, S&M Pitchforks, SLAM Bars & Challenger Stem. Tech 77 Lever, Eclat Brake. Profile Cranks & Mini Cassette Hubs, Tree 36t splinedrive, 1664 rims, cable & headset, Duo Tires, METAL seat/chrome post & Shimano DX Pedals.

Moulton Broadway Shop Bike!
Late 1960’s Moulton full suspension F&F, QR rear rack, Duomatic rear hub! Brooks B66 seat, ODI Longneck grips, Snafu Pedals, and custom painted to Broadway shop color scheme

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