Shop feature on muffinandpedal!

12 Jan

Check out this sweet write up about our Main Street store that our loyal customer/buddy/hastings lover Paul Moffat put up on his blog, MUFFINANDPEDAL

Check out his post of the session that went down over the weekend, with some shots of Hastings, the plaza and some street featuring Paul himself, fellow kiwi Mike Zombie and Irish Mike from the shop.

Speaking of zombies… our buddy Braeden came by the shop and threw up a mural on the workshop wall for us with some sweet zombies dismembering a rollerblader! and zombified local trails shredder/dialer Dillon King cranking a lookback.

Braeden and Dillon some of the crew responsible for the Vanier Park dirt park that opened last year down on Kits beach, hopefully Earthramp Bike Parks get a few more parks built in and around Vancouver this year!

Braedan has also been busy lately custom painting his and Chester’s frame and forks. We are going to try to get him to paint an old frame for us to hang in the shop so you can check out his handywork.

We’re expecting alot of new product coming into the shop this week, we’ll throw up and update when that arrives!


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