Roadside Repairs!

17 Jan

As everyone should know, we are down with FIT Bikes. Check out this sweet post (click for full story) about a mechanical mishap on a recent trip. A Knog bike light came in pretty handy to get them out of a jam.

Both Main Street and Broadway stores always carry a good supply of Knog products. They are a cool company with a great ethos. All of their lights come with replaceable or rechargable batteries to make then not as disposable as almost every other light out there…

We have lots of FIT product in the Main Street store at the minute, Bars, Stems, Forks, Grips, Tires, Cranks and DVD’s. Hopefully even a few more of their completes over the next few months!

As we already posted, team rider Jordan Hango recently got picked up to ride for them through 1664 distribution. He just got a box of stuff in the mail this week, so once he gets his rig built up we will be sure to get a bike check posted.

Have fun doing whatever it is you do on wet Sunday!


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