Rhianna likes to get Rad, Video Overload!

21 Jan

Who would have thought that Rhianna likes to Get Rad Everyday just like the rest of us?

Check out this photo of her ready to shred on her Hutch with a custom Ride On padset… these might be available some day, but don’t hold your breath…

We have a pretty sweet selection of DVD’s in the Main Street store at the minute, Anthem II ($35 for 8 videos in total) is back in stock, along with the United DVD ($27), Props Road Fools 18. ($35)

The S&M quarterly productions 1&2 with the 3rd installment expected to be in stock soon, FIT tripping 1&2 priced at only $8

All of our older copies of Props, ride videos and a few others are all on sale at only $10!

If you don’t feel like leaving the house on a miserable day like today however, here are some sweet videos we found while surfing the web this morning for you to check out from the comfort of your computer!

First up is the Ghetto Mansion Crew shredding some of the local Vancouver parks and street spots. Saw this one over on Feeble BMX

Extra Pulp from Ghetto Mansion! on Vimeo.

Big thanks to Irish Ben for his photoshop skills on the Rhianna photo, check out this sweet edit of him riding the Works skatepark in Leeds, over in the UK. Ben rides for PUBBMX and enjoys copious amounts of alcohol!

Secret Session: Ben Murphy from Notion Store on Vimeo.

Next video up is of Nor Cal native, but frequent visitor to Vancouver and good friend of the shop, John Iver’s who rides for Solid Bikes and Franchise Clothing, lots of high speed gaps and drops in this one.

Solid Bikes: John Ivers from Chris McMahon on Vimeo.

Lastly, this is a cool video that Harrison Boyce put together on the history of Oakley grips! It’s pretty interesting how they started out in the industry. Saw this over on the Defgrip website.

History of Oakley from Defgrip on Vimeo.


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