Northern Embassy Winter Mix Vid and local links galore!

25 Jan

Here is a sweet edit from Jeremy over at Northern Embassy. Lots of the Ride On crew including the former Kiwi workers and bro’s (George Bolter, Richard “Dagger” Gregory and Paul Moffat) and shop rider Jordan Hango footage.

Northern Embassy features Canadian only content and seems to be dropping pretty regular edits and interviews.

Winter Mix Edit from Embassy on Vimeo.

We’ve been thinking about doing interviews with each of the local BMX websites, in the meantime check out these useful links, in alphabetical order! No favoritism…

FEEBLE BMX, Vancouver’s longest running bmx webite, lots of current videos from around the globe, news, a forum and a pretty handy local skatepark guide

MUFFINANDPEDAL, also run out of Vancouver by NZ transplant Paul Moffat, mostly photos of recent riding sessions, write ups and beer reviews!

NORTHERN EMBASSY, run by Jeremy Deme who works over at 10Pack Distribution in Burnaby, 100% Canadian content, news, videos and interviews

ZOMBIEBMX, run by Mike Davies from NZ, who currently resides here in Vancouver, interviews, photo features, videos. Mostly New Zealand related, but enough regular Vancouver content to warrant checking it out

If anyone knows of any other local websites that deserve a mention, drop it in the comments! Get clicking!


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