Friday Videos!

29 Jan

Just what you need on a rainy weekend, first video is shop rider Jason Teet killing it between 05-07. This is his section from the full length video “It’s about time” filmed and edited by John Thompson.

It’s About Time – Jason Teet from John Thompson on Vimeo.

I’m pretty sure the whole of “It’s about time” is online somewhere if you search hard enough. There’s a more up to date web video of Jason Teet expected any day now so stay tuned for that!

JT is currently sunning himself in the southern hemisphere working on The Set’s video and fairly frequent web edits, check out The Set’s Vimeo page for some more edits from him.

Check out one of those edits from last year filmed in and around Vancouver below!

The Set – 2 days in Vancouver from The Set on Vimeo.

Even heard rumors of JT currently working on an edit of Jordan Hango for 1664/FIT. Check out some sweet photos of Hango ripping the igloo, taken earlier this week by Surrey Steve, click here for the pics over on the 1664 site. If you’ve ever been to the igloo, then you know how crazy that tireslide is!!

Speaking of Surrey Steve, just seen these over on his facebook and thought i might aswell throw them up here too, first one is of him shredding from a few years ago

and this last video is of Chris Smith going full throttle pretty recently, with cameo clips of Surrey and Braeden

Hopefully these keep you entertained till the sun comes out… looks like that will be tomorrow!


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