Build your own bike! Literally

5 Feb

Paul Brodie stopped by the store yesterday to drop off some fliers about a course he is going to be running out at the University of the Fraser Valley.

For anyone not familiar with his workmanship, or need a quick history lesson, click here.

Not only do you get to learn how to tig weld and fillet braze using high quality butted 4130 cro-moly, but you get to take your work home with you, so by the end of the 2 week course you will have your own custom frame.

Check out all of the course information over on the University of the Fraser Valley website and check the flier below for more details.

If your welding or brazing skills are not up to scratch, he will get it finished off for you personally! Just think how costly, let alone how long you would have to wait for your very own frame…

You have the option to build almost any type of fame, MTB, Road, Track with 26, 700 or 29 inch wheel sizes, forks you will have to source yourself along with the other parts, we are more than willing to help with all of that! Class sizes are limited to 4, so you will get plenty of hands on help along the way!

Unfortunately no mention of 20 inch for BMX there, luckily FBM Bikes have you covered and can build you pretty much whatever you want! Check out their custom build page.

Again, we are more than happy to help you out with the rest of the parts you need when it comes to putting together your custom rig!

That’s my frame furthest on the left getting ready to go to paint, should be here soon hopefully if they can fit in a box… Photo stolen from
Spooky Dave’s twitter.

Speaking of custom frame builders and BMX, United BMX’s Ricky Feather has been getting his workshop dialed over the past year or so in the UK and has been pumping out some really really nice looking bikes. Check out his site FEATHER CYCLES for an example of how a top notch fillet brazed frame looks!

Here’s a quick video of him talking about the company and then some footage of him shredding!

Ricky Feather: Secret Session from Notion Store on Vimeo.

We use the word custom a lot…


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