Fresh Concrete and a couple of Videos!

9 Feb

What with it being sunny yesterday, a couple of us got to head out to check on a couple of the newer cement parks that popped up over the past couple of months!

First stop was the new bowl out in Ladner, just across the field from the old Ladner park. This park was designed by Grindline who build most of the parks in Washington State and then built by a local cement contractor that also built Squamish, one of contractors even rides BMX and was in the shop recently getting his bike dialed in.

Polishing and finish is top notch, nice and grippy yet super fast, a rare combination that gets you almost too much speed if anything as the bowl is quite tight. Mostly 4 and 5 foot quarters, with a 6 foot corner and enough features to keep you entertained. There’s a couple of transitioned flatbanks, slanted wall over the hipped spine and a weird half domed/half edged hip at the other end of the spine.

The next park was the new Queensborough Park in New West, more of a street style park with lots of banks, ledges, rails and unique obstacles with a couple of novelty transitions too, real fun for just flowing around. Also there are a set of dirt jumps just beside it than when finished look like they will be fun!

This park was built by Newline Skateparks who are responsible for lots of parks locally, such as the Kensington Bowl last summer, Horseshoe Bay, the skate plaza downtown and skateparks the world over! The trails are being built by the Courtney guys from the island and should be back to dial them in when the weather gets a bit better!

Check out this photo, I think i saved it when i saw it on Feeble BMX a long time ago, but it’s of Seylynn snakerun from 1978!!! How rad is that, weird looking at it with no graffiti. Wonder who the 2 people getting rad on here are?

Shop local and purveyor of all things pirate Paul Moffat was out with us yesterday so check out MuffinandPedal for all the sunny day riding photos he has been getting in, along with a sweet video of Paul, myself, Jason Teet, Jordan Hango and Jeff Evans from last week at Bonsor.

While on the subject videos, I forgot all about this edit of Jason Teet that Michael from the Main Street shop put together of him from last year that somehow never made it onto the site before, check that below!

Jason Teet from Michael Sharpe on Vimeo.

Roll on summer!


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