10 Mar

Most days over at the Broadway store we have the FREE TREE bearing KIDS bikes. We get so many donated kids bikes that the local charities we deal with can only take so many of them.

These are fully dialed and ready to roll to get the local kids (lots of the time vertically challenged adults…) on bikes, but we’re happy just to see them get used!

If you know of anyone in need of a bike for the little one, it’s always worth a look to see what we have out there. Pretty sure Main Street will have the tree out the front designated as a FREE TREE soon enough too!

If you have ANY bikes that have seen better days and just gathering dust, you can drop them off at any of our locations, or just dial 604-736-7433 and we can even arrange to come pick them up.

Check out VANCOUVER BICYCLE RECYCLING for some testimonials and further information.

Our aim to keep them OUT of the landfills and get them back ON the road as reasonably priced fully tuned used bikes!

If they really are beyond repair, we break them down for Metal, Plastic, Rubber, and Tire RECYCLING to minimize what ends up in the dump and save the usable parts to fix up other donated bikes!

Some of the most recent donations have went to the following charities and organizations:

New Westminter United Church
NICCIS lower Eastside Charity
Trips For Kids
Vancouver Area Cycling Coalition
Countless local kids!


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