Woodyard 3!

12 Mar

Check out Ron Mercer’s plywood paradise! Ron has been hard at it over the past year and a half getting the 3rd installment of WOODYARD up and running.

We were lucky enough to get a sunny Sunday afternoon ride in with a good crew, check out the photo below of loyal customer Paul Moffat courtesy of Mike Davies of ZOMBIE BMX

The photo shows a good deal of what there is on offer. Ron is constantly adding to what is already there and has plans for a box jump heading out of the end of the bowl over on the right hand side. Check out Paul Moffat’s site MUFFIN AND PEDAL for a couple more photos and a more comprehensive write up.

The ramp is in Ron’s backyard out on the Queensborough/Richmond border, so you have to get in contact with him and call ahead to arrange a suitable time for a session.

Obviously RESPECT that it is his home and he has a wife, kids and neighbors to think of and consider it a PRIVILEGE if you get to ride here. Preferably bring a HELMET if you can!!! Ron also offers private BMX lessons and is planning on having a jam out there for Canada Day.

Ride On has always been down to help out Ron and vice versa. You can get a contact number for Ron by getting in contact with one of the shops, or hit him up on FACEBOOK. Ron has been a big part of the Vancouver BMX scene for many years, so no doubt if you don’t know him, you will know someone who will!!

Another great thing is that about 75% of the wood used has been recycled, we are stoked on this, especially knowing that it takes way longer to source, sift and de-nail and sort all this lumber.

Big THANK YOU from Ron to his wife Roberta and his right hand man when it comes to construction Braeden Barnard

BMX with Ron Mercer from ron mercer on Vimeo.


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