Couple more Custom’s

5 May

We had a couple more custom bikes roll in and out of the BROADWAY store this week.

First bike up is Johnny Stewart’s custom BMX he put together with all MacNeil, Eclat and We The People parts just in time for a trip to Winnipeg to sample some freshly thawed cement skateparks!

Johnny managed to get his hands on a prototype Macneil frame from Ten Pack distribution, comes with removable brake mounts and a 22.2mm seatpost size, Macneil pivotal post on there too, Eclat Cranks, Cassette Wheelset, Seat, Brake, Lever and pedals. We The People Forks, Stem, Bars, Sprocket, Tires and grips.

Next bike up is Jason Hilton’s SE fixed PK Ripper custom build, Jay built this one up for his birthday in December, but stopped by to hang out and get a little tune-up done.

The frame, fork, stem, bars and cranks are all what comes on the SE PK Ripper fixed, de-stickered and all blacked out. Big changes were in the wheels, he kept the Velocity Chukker rims, but had them rebuilt to a Paul front hub and a rare find, an automatic shift hub with a coaster brake in the back! He went with the Wipperman chain and a GACK chainring from the archives. Premium bmx pedals, ODI mushroom grips and getting the original SE seat recovered in a black suede.

Just a reminder again that we have a couple of FUJI Cambridge bikes in at the BROADWAY store. You might have seen one set up as part of a display in the U LIFE store on Vine at 4th, they have had lots of people asking where you can get them and we have the only 2 in Canada!!!


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