Johnny’s Vegan Destroyer!

18 May

Johnny Stewart joins big Frank Z in the elite group of having 2 bikes up on the custom page. Johnny liked the Mega Destroyer bikes we did so much, he put together his own Vegan Destroyer.

54cm Fuji frame and forks painted matte black, custom stencil and spray job for the decal. Fuji Cranks, S&M 101 pedals, Profile hubs laced to Velocity Deep V Rims, cyclocross tires, Macneil pivotal seatpost, seat and cable straps, Titec stem, DH bars, ODI Longnecks and a Dia Compe Tech 77 Lever. Maximum rampability and besides, who doesn’t love Black and Red as a colorway?

Also check out the pages up top, almost every one has been updated with new photos of the BROADWAY store. Photos of the current ROAD BIKE line up HYBRID line up and photos of the current USED BIKES line-up. Bear in mind, these are constantly changing, but will give you an idea of whats out there!


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