S&M stuffs

29 Aug

We just got in the 4th and final installment of the S&M QP series the “Salt Lake Shake” in over at BROADWAY.
This one is pretty awesome, over an hour long with plenty of bonus bits. It features pretty much the whole team and a bunch of the bro team shredding.
All this and only $8!!

Definitely the pick of the bunch of the 4 dvd’s in the series. If you need any of the 1st 3 dvd’s I think once MAIN STREET re-opens they have a few left.

Also S&M related, friend of the shop Ewan decided to become the newest member of the Perfect 10 club when he stopped by to get his hands on one of our MASI Soulville Single Speeds!

Ewans’s bike is pretty dialed, a T1 Ruben frame, S&M tapered XLT’s, S&M Perfect 10’s, Fly stem, Colony Cranks and pedals, Tree Sprocket, Profile hubs with twist spoked lacing, FIT teal wall tires, Macneil post and seat.

We just also got in an ATF and a BTM frame from S&M so look for some more bike checks once those are built up!


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