Local BMX Edits!

25 Jan

Couple of local BMX videos for you to check out. Luis Almazan put together this real nice 10 minute recap of 2011. Lots of the RIDE ON locals in there, shredding mostly Vancouver spots. Enjoy!

Next video is of RIDE ON local Dylan King, who recently got hooked up with DELUXE BMX (click the link for his bike check and team page) through KILL EM ALL distribution. KEA are based out of Vancouver who are responsible for the CANADIAN CONCRETE contest series.

Dylan King – Deluxe BMX & killemall distro edit from killemall BMX distribution on Vimeo.

Blazeguard – Chuck Bailey from John Thompson on Vimeo.

The first edit is from JD and the second is from JT. Photo of Dylan stolen from the web, but it might be some of JV‘s handy work? Apologies if it’s someone elses… Check out his latest creation, the FINGERBANG zine

Lastly, there’s this one that just surfaced to commemorate the end of the Ghetto Mansion that was put together by those dudes.

R.I.P. GM! Mixtape from Ghetto Mansion! on Vimeo.


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