MASI Soulville Customs/News

2 Feb

We’ve had a few MASI Soulville’s getting some special touches at both the BROADWAY and MAIN STREET stores. Not that they aren’t sweet bikes to begin with! those extra few touches help them stand out that bit more.

This 18″ MASI SOULVILLE has been completely customised from top to bottom. The wheels were built up using Sturmey Archer Drum Brake hubs into aluminum rims with stainless spokes and running as a Single Speed freewheel. Avid Brake Levers, alloy platform pedals, aluminum FSA headset and new BB. Then the awesome looking Metropolis Cranks, Stem and Bars. BROOK’s bar wrap style grips, BROOKS B17 saddle on a chrome layback seatpost!

This SOULVILLE got a makeover too over at the MAIN STREET shop. Minoura Gamoh rack with built in bottle opener! Rated for 40lbs and fits any bike with a fork crown brake hole, awesome racks! Available for $145. Then on the back a panier/kid seat combo. Making this a fully loaded hauling machine!

MASI are no longer offering the SOULVILLE range as they have trimmed back on the number of models. Luckily classic bikes never go out of style so we bought pretty much all that were available in Canada. We have plenty for now, numerous options such as SS, 3 or 7 speeds in SRAM or NEXUS hub options, some with roller brakes, and then numerous color options (reds, blues, whites, blacks and greens! and sizes 16,18,20 and 22 inch. Prices for most of the options available can be found by clicking HERE

We get at least an email a week from the states from people looking to order some so it seems they are getting harder to find, that and with our SALE PRICES its not often Canadians get better prices on bikes than our neighbors to the south so enjoy it while it lasts!

This is probably the MOST dialed SOULVILLE your likely to see, someone converted it to Belt Drive, getting the frame cut and machined to take the belt! Just don’t ask us to do that for you! Check that out by clicking HERE


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