6 Feb

Sad news for all the fans of the FREE TREE, it lasted over a year, with probably more than 500 kids bikes given away from it (another few hundred given direct to charities) the good folks that work for the city have put an end to it… Apparantly your not allowed to sell merchandise? (THEY WERE FREE!!!) on the sidewalk and we had to stop. Never fear, it just means we will be using our USED BICYCLES website from now on to give away our available FREE kids bikes, parts etc, sometimes even FREE adults bikes!

Hopefully every local kid got the opportunity to get themselves access to a FREE bike. If you want to get your hands on one of the FREE bikes, best to check in the mornings when the listings go up. The listings go up on the website first, then onto Craigslist a short while later. Once that happens all the free stuff goes quick needless to say!

Here’s how the FREE TREE was in happier times!

These are fully dialed and ready to roll to get the local kids (lots of the time vertically challenged adultsโ€ฆ) on bikes, weโ€™re happy just to see them out there getting used again!

If you have ANY bikes that have seen better days and just gathering dust, you can drop them off at any of our locations, or just dial 604-736-7433 and we can even arrange to come pick them up.


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