“Lil’ Rippers”

9 Feb

The SE 16 inch “Lil’ Rippers” are back in stock at the BROADWAY store. SE keep it light weight with aluminum frame and dialed parts, 3 piece cranks, alloy hubs and rims, v-brakes. Check the photo below to see an example of one of last years “lil’ rippers” in action! Only $389

What a “Lil Ripper!” These bikes are built to shred, as is our favorite 4 year old Brodie. SE designed this bike to be lightweight and easy to control for the little guys. As you can see Brodie put his through its paces and it stood up to the test.

We got more SE‘s this week at the BROADWAY store. This time we got 29 Big Rippers, 26 Quadangles, more 24 cruisers and a some 700c Draft single speeds.

Check HERE for the previous SE post for more pics.


One Response to ““Lil’ Rippers””

  1. Alton Balow September 7, 2012 at 3:53 pm #

    New York, NY 10118?

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