Dirt jumps at the PNE?

21 Feb

Tomorrow night (Wednesday 22nd), there is another open house at the Pacific Coliseum regarding the development of the Hastings/PNE park.
One of the options is to have some beginner level dirt jumps, a pump track and a cycle path network through the entire park.

So come by and have your say! The Open house runs from 1-9pm.

Also worth trying to ensure that one of the proposed bike paths does not go through the Leeside tunnel which is a designated skatepark and instead goes on one of the other 3 options.

More information and stats from the first open house can be found by here http://vancouver.ca/pnepark/

If you liked the “lost tapes” of Jason Teet from 2008 we posted last week, you’ll be sure to enjoy this video from 2006/7 that just resurfaced from JT. This Jason Teet section is from his DVD “It’s about time”.

It’s About Time – Jason Teet from John Thompson on Vimeo.

JT is putting the finishing touches to BLAZEGUARD DVD, here’s what he had to say about the DVD (stolen from NORTHERNEMBASSY) “We’re doing something a bit different with DVD sales (as far as I know) wherein any profits from sales will be split up between myself and the guys that put in work. This way when you buy a DVD you’re actually directly supporting/helping out the riders as well as future video projects.”

Can’t wait for this one!


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