Custom Built Wheels!

12 Mar

The CUSTOM BUILT WHEELS page has just gotten a facelift, you can check that out by clicking HERE! or ^^^

We’ll try and update it when we can to give people some ideas of what is possible (we just have to remember to take a photo…) Below are some of the most recent builds and one that is up for grabs at the MAIN STREET store.

You can always find the CUSTOM BUILT WHEELS page on the right hand side of the website.

PAUL 32h fixed hub. Laced into a Velocity Deep V silver rim. Comes with black spokes/purple nipples and lock ring/cog.
Hub value $200, Rim $100, Spokes $32, Lock ring and cog $40, Build cost $30= $400
This one’s for sale at the MAIN STREET store for ONLY $300!.

VELO-ORANGE 36 h Gran Cru Touring Hub (BMX style easy remove cassette body for ease of replacing spokes) Fully sealed bearings, laced to a VELO-ORANGE Raid Rim with double eyelets using straight gauge stainless spokes.


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