Bike Guard, Bike Lock, Blow Out!

15 Mar

We came across a few boxes of locks that had been overlooked. These are all HEAVY DUTY locks! Heavy being the operative word for some of them…

The BIKE GUARD KINGPIN 1800 is an awesome lock, it’s pocket sized and super strong. It offers serious protection designed for bikes in high risk areas (Vancouver anyone?)
18mm hardened steel shackle, 32mm crossbar and hardened deadbolt with a disc style key mechanism. Includes 5 keys. $2250 anti-theft
protection policy offered by the manufacturer (lots of small print, but a good indication of quality)
It normally comes with a pretty serious price tag of anywhere between $80-$90
We’re blowing them out for only $40
The BIKE GUARD BONE LOCK “ULTRA” is an unconventional looking lock. Its designed to fold up small yet give maximum reach and fit inside the bag to be easier to transport. Strength is not sacrificed as it has 16mm hardened steel sections, with 3 pivot points and lock junction (featuring and anti-pick hardened key area).
Come with 5 keys, is fairly heavy but you won’t break your back carrying it around.
It won’t break the bank either as we are selling them for ONLY $25!! instead of the usual $45-50 price tag.
The BIKE GUARD MAGNUM 2000HD is a beast of a lock. It has a 12 inch reach, 12 tonne rating, square shape to resist twisting.
Comes with 5 keys and a $2,000 manufacturers anti-theft policy (again, lots of small print, but shows they believe in it)
This is probably not the lock to carry around for day to day use, but works awesome as a stay at home lock to secure a few bikes, or possibly to leave where you lock your bike up every day to save having to carry it.
Normally around $60-$70, you can have one for ONLY $20!


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