YNOT and Dave’s Bolts restock!

9 May

We were down to the last few YNOT straps, so this batch of 30 coming in couldn’t have been any better timing.

Some new colors and a bunch of the old favorites and still HANDMADE in TORONTO.

The straps sell for $49 and pair up perfectly with either the ANIMAL or EASTERN plastic BMX pedals as shown, the plastic versions of the pedals come in plenty of colors and are priced at $25/$26. Any larger platform pedal with enough spacing will work with the straps.

Something new to us from YNOT is the GULPER backpack (this one is the large.)

You can use it as a roll top or as a clip top thus adjusting its capacity, it has a floating liner that even doubles up as a cooler! 2 external side pockets with riveted drains to let the water out and a front dual divide pocket. Sturdy straps with foam padding.

These are also HANDMADE in TORONTO and cost $220

It’s been a while since we had any of “Dave’s Bolts”. Dave Emmens dropped us off a fresh batch today. These are HANDMADE here in VANCOUVER.

What are they though? An ingenious soloution which enables you to run ANY BMX chainring on BMX style cranks on your FIXED gear as it eliminates the play between the bolt and chainring hole.

The bolts are $20 so you don’t have to limit yourself to spline drive sprockets on your fixie with BMX cranks!


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