More Big Bike Shredding!

18 Jun

Check out this picture of Chester hucking a tuck on a 22inch wheel prototype BMX that S&M have been working on at the Greenlake jumps in Seattle.

Hopefully we’ll be seeing this character back up here again soon enough. He was part of the brains and brawn from Earth Ramp Bike Parks that got the Vanier Park trails built and got Ride On set up on the world wide web.

These bikes are still in the testing phase’s and hopefully once they have them dialed in we can get our hands on them.

Speaking of Seattle, a good crew of friends left on a trip down the coast to San Fran on a FAIRDALE trip. This photo of Sandy getting oververt on his 700c at Gold Beach in Oregon is awesome. Hopefully we will be getting in some of the FAIRDALE bikes and acessories soon enough.

Last up is this blast from the past, an interview from CHASE BMX magazine with Don from many moons ago.

Some shots of some of his vintage 20,24 and 26 BMX’s in there along with info on the shop in its early days!


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