BMX bits!

2 Aug

Mark this one down in your calendar! Monday August the 13th.

Trails Jam at Vanier Park followed by an outdoor video Premier of the new DELUXE dvd “Part Deux”, brought you you by KILL EM’ ALL DISTRO.

Kill Em’ All just released this BSD web edit as a welcome to the team to Lil’ Dave Laliberte shredding lots of the local Vancouver area spots!

Sweet F-It edit of Justin Inman shredding Burnside as a promo for his signature complete bikes that we still have a few of in stock!

Backyard rampbuilder extraordinaire Ron Mercer recently had the RIDE ON logo touched up on the big 1/4 at the WOODYARD bike park.

Looks awesome and Ron’s always supporting us, big thanks to him and Braeden, now all we have to do is get the crew out for a session soon.

Last but not least, RIDE ON AGAIN will be having its annual Vintage BMX Cruiser Ride on Friday August 10th. For more up to date information keep an eye on Rod’s Cruiser Ride page at CRUISER

Fri, August 10, 6pm โ€“ 7pm
Where: Ride On Again Bikes, 2255 West Broadway, Vancouver BC V6K 2E4
Description Annual BMX & Rat Rod Ride Type: BMX Ride Annual 24′ 26′ BMX & Rat Rod Roll. Meet at Ride On Again bike shop around 6:00pm, 2255 West Broadway, Vancouver. There’s trophies and prizes for best bikes…bring lights! *
Presented by: Ride On Again


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