Kids Bikes!

12 Dec

Run Bikes are a great way for kids to learn the essential skill of balance before having to worry about pedaling and thus avoiding the awkward training wheel safety blanket scenario.

We have a few of the ADAM’s brand run bikes and a couple of HARO Z10 run bikes in stock. These both feature the solid tire option and no hand brakes for ONLY $89

KINDER have been voted the “RUN BIKE OF THE YEAR” for the past 5 years “running”.

These feature an aluminum frame to keep the weight down. Pneumatic tires which are great for, not just a smoother ride, but also offers more grip and makes it easier to control your little ones speed!
Rear hand brake to get them used to the braking with more than just their feet..Even comes with a bell.

Available in Green, Red, Pink or Blue for ONLY $129

Pretty much EVERYONE that works at our stores either rode or still rides a B.M.X. We think they are a great first time bike in terms of keeping the weight down and the maneuverability to a maximum without all the extra things that a kid simply does not need when they are learning to ride. We strongly believe in “less is more” when it comes to kids bikes, we don’t want to sell bikes that weigh more than the kid can even lift…

For the bigger kids and the young at heart, we have a good range of higher end and lots of B.M.X. cruiser options, 24, 26 and 29 inch wheel options!

In 2011 we gave away over 800 fully tuned kids bikes for FREE and are looking on course to give away more than 1,000 this year!

We supply a select few local charities and organisations with these bikes, when they are at capacity we organise the give aways from our store, normally via updates on the website.

If your in need, check out and for more info.

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