3rd and Final installment of the “Bitchy tutorials”

26 Feb

How to avoid the all too common problem of the seized seat post this time around!


We’ve had no complaints about these, most people are really into them, here is what the Officine Sfera team had to say about them!

Why we made these videos:
We are all graphic designers, designers, illustrators, video makers and producers that share a passion for bicycles, so we decided to team up and make a series of videos that would reflect our passion for restoring classic bicycles. The internet is full of videos, images and gifs of hot babes on bikes so we just decided to embrace the stereotype. Why not, babes on bikes never seems to get old, well, at least not for us. The only problem we had with all these videos is that while the bicycle is always featured alongside the flavor of the week, it is never heralded for it’s original function. What does milk have to do with cycling, for example? There are so many actions that could be sexualized in bike mechanics, why not use them and make a video that is at least slightly informative as well as sexy. Of course, we realize that our tutorials are more like trailers to the complete tutorial than a full-on tutorial, but if we manage to transmit just a little of our passion for bicycles to the next then we’re happy. And hell, wouldn’t you rather have Valentina as a tutor than the usual hairy-dudes-in-their-garages youtube tutorials?


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