Lots of S&M goodness!

24 Jun

Al’s S&M Dirt Bike build!
Re-issue of the classic S&M Dirt Bike frame with S&M Pitch Forks, S&M Redneck stem and S&M slam bars.
PROFILE cranks, BANNED sprocket, 1664 pedals, Subrosa post and Duo Stunner tires.
Ready to shred the trails!

Bob’s 22 inch wheel version of the S&M Holmes Frame, Pitch Forks, Perfect 10 bars, XLT stem.
PROFILE Cranks and Hubs, RNC sprocket!, THOMSON post, FLY Brakes, Shimano chain, Revenge rims and tires.
Bonus points on the use of donuts and lever grip!

laurenhoman Lauren’s custom Van Homan build. F-It Homan Frame, Mutiny Fork, S&M shield wrapped Stem, Sprocket, and limited edition PROFILE Hubs! Laced with matching nipples to FLY rims, FLY cranks and FLY Luna bars. F-It folding tires, Macneil Seat post and pedals, topped off with a S&M shield seat.
Bonus points for the shameless RIDE ON ramp logo plug at the WOODYARD!


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