Labor Rate Update!

30 Oct

We’ve always had some of the best labor rates in the city, we’re just finally getting around to putting it all down on paper and having the exact same prices at both of our Vancouver stores.

Complete Tune Up – $49
Dialing of braking/shifing systems, lube, check on and tighten BB, Headset, Cranks, Cones etc. Inspect for drive train wear (chain, cogs and rings)

Deluxe Tune Up – $129
Deluxe service and complete disassembly, inspection, overhaul, and rebuild of complete bicycle, including repacking of hubs and headset bearings, ALL new brake and shift cables or brake bleeds if applicable!

Boxing a bike for shipping (free box and packing supplies!) – $30
Building bike from a box (includes tune up) – $49

BB Adjust – $10
BB Chasing – $20
BB Install – $25
BB Re-pack – $25
Chain Install – $10
Cassette/Freewheel intall – $10
Chainring Install – $10

Flat Fix (includes tube) – $15
Cone adjust – $10 per wheel
Hub overhaul – $20 per hub
Wheel true – $20
Freehub body install – $30
Wheel build – $35 per wheel (+$1 per spoke)
Internal hub service/overhaul $40

Brake adjust – $10 per brake
Pad installation – $10 per brake
Hydraulic Brake Bleed – $30
Shift adjust – $10 per shifter
Shift/Brake cable install – $10 per cable
Shifter install – $20
Derailleur install – $20
Derailleur alignment – $10

Fenders – $10
Rack – $10
Computer – $10
Child Carrier – $15

From time to time, additional labor will be required for parts that are seized, binded, threaded or otherwise damaged. We’ll always call you during the repair to keep you up to date and always try our best to stick to the price quoted.

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