Another STOLEN Bike RECOVERY success story!

28 Jan

EVAN gets reunited with his BRODIE Romulus.


We got a call from the VPD today informing us they had pulled someone over “known to them” riding on the sidewalk with no helmet, on a bike that looked too nice.

After inspecting the bike they noticed one of our Bike Shop “punch card” stickers and called us.

Time being of the essence, we tracked down the owner of the bike via our receipt books.

We called the police back to confirm who bought it, then we called the customer to confirm it had been stolen (it was stolen yesterday and serial# had not yet been reported to the police) PLEASE make sure to call the police to report the serial number as soon as possible so the bike can be listed as stolen!

Within a few hours the police returned the bike to the rightful owner. They brought the bike to us to make use of our years worth of free tune up’s with ALL NEW bike purchases and to thank us.

At the same time, invest in a high quality lock and anti-theft skewers so hopefully it will now be safe and sound.

Always glad to head of good luck stories, such as Kayla Smith, our customer who famously got her stolen MASI CX Comp back herself from the thief trying to sell it on Craigslist.

ETIANNE was another success story, after we recognized his heavily customized Fixed Gear and got it back to him.

Glad to see EVAN back with his bike, never one to miss the photo op we gave him a free t-shirt (We sell RIDE ON shirts now!)

Ride On 2014 Sticker Meet our 2014 “Punch Card” stickers.

We stamp the month that your bike was purchased. YOU get 1 years worth of FREE LABOR with each new bike.

WE get some free advertising (WE also know when you bought it and you don’t have to bring receipts to redeem tune-ups) and in this case it made tracking though our paper receipts incredibly fast!

Please keep our stickers ON, free advertising for US… free tune up’s for YOU! Write your name etc. on there, clear tape over the top to secure it and make it’s a nuisance to take off!

(We even have the stickers made specifically to be marker friendly!)


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