Shameless Sunday Self Plug!

2 Mar

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We had the kind folks at BICYCLES FOR HUMANITY come by yesterday to pick up more than 20 of our used bikes to send off to AFRICA later in the year.

All of our used bikes come from donations we accept through our VANCOUVER BICYCLE RECYCLING service. You can check more about that by clicking HERE. If you do have any unwanted bikes, bike parts or anything bike related in any condition get in touch.

We offer a FREE pick up service if you cannot make it down to either of our Bike Stores in person.

BICYCLES FOR HUMANITY and FIREFIGHTERS WITHOUT BORDERS take a lot of our adult sized bikes while TRIPS FOR KIDS and the LIONS CLUB take most of the kids bikes.

The remainder of the bikes either get recycled if they are beyond repair, or restored using a mix of new or used parts, FULLY TUNED and then sold as affordable USED BIKES at our BROADWAY location. You can SOME of those out on our USED BICYCLES VANCOUVER website.


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