Another Shameless Self Plug!

10 Apr

We had the good folks from BICYCLES FOR HUMANITY drop by last week to pick up another 50 or so bikes to be shipped off in containers later in the year to Africa. We threw in a bunch of repair parts and brand new tires to help with the effort.

These bikes are some of the ones that we get donated to us daily. The containers stay in the country to act as safe storage and even as a makeshift work shop.

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We’re always happy to see large amounts of bikes leaving the store this time of year as we are to see large amounts turning up in boxes!

If you have a bike that you no longer need, give us a ring, we even offer a FREE pick up service! Not all the bikes go to causes like this. Certain styles are favored for there, (generally older MTB models with 26 inch wheels) while certain styles are favored for around the city (those are the ones we fully re-tune and refurbish to get back out on the road in our USED BIKES section.

For more information on this project and ways you can help click here: BICYCLES FOR HUMANITY


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