BMX Update!

29 Jun

Poster_Vancity_BMX_Show-2 Just a reminder for anyone who does not yet know about the Vintage BMX Show and Swap taking place in North Burnaby NEXT Sunday the 6th of JULY!

Looks like it will be a fun day with hopefully a big turnout (we might even have a stand)

Just a word that anyone thinking about getting a BMX cruiser should act fast, we have sold out of 26 SE Looptail Rippers for the year, and are running low on all remaining SE cruiser models

We will be stocking some basic to mid level 20 Inch BMX completes at both of our stores.

For ALL other things BMX and a vast selection of completes and accessories, we encourage you to check out good friend of the shop Terry’s BMX SHOP in Port Coquitlam called WHEELIES.

He just celebrated his 1st anniversary by launching an online store also!

Terry has been in the industry for years, working with bike companies, distributors and stores and still shreds, so is the man to go to for all the BMX advice and information you could need!


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