USED BICYCLES VANCOUVER site is back in action

19 Jan

Our USED BIKES website is back up and running again with regular updates with some of the nicer used bikes that we have on offer.

ALL of our USED BIKES are sold as FULLY TUNED! Our bikes come to us on a donation basis, we supply the necessary parts (new and used) and the know how and skilled labor to get these bikes ready for the road once more and out of the landfills.

That way you can buy a USED BIKE with confidence from us, knowing that it was FULLY TUNED, bought from an actual BIKE SHOP with a full range of lights, locks, helmets, racks, fenders etc. You can get some expert advice, check out between 20-30 USED BIKES all at once in the comfort of our yard.

When it comes to paying you can use cash/debit/credit and our prices are normally as good, if not better than those you’ll see on Craigslist for similar quality bikes!

The website is and you can follow the USED BIKES on instagram @usedbicyclesvancouver.

While you are on instagram you may as well follow us @rideonagain and @rideonbikeshop too!

Here is a snap of our line-up from last week:


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