Mug Shots!

7 May



These are the 2 specimens that managed to get away with a couple of bikes early this morning from our Marpole store.

The 2 bikes, if you do see for sale are both BMX’s, nicer Norco models:

– A REV 21″ Top Tube, raw frame, fork, bars with Copper rims, Odyssey Aitken tires.

– A REV 20.5 Top Tube, Dark Grey Frame, Fork, Bars with Green rims and Odyssey Aitke Tires.

Obviously if you can name names, contact us or the police as we would love to see them face some level of punishment.

Share around as I’m pretty sure we are not the only bike shop that have been, or will be interested in visiting.



One Response to “Mug Shots!”

  1. andrew May 7, 2015 at 8:21 pm #

    Looks like the top guy is wearing a pigalle sweatshirt (fake maybe) anyway fairly rare to see

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