25 Nov

blackfridayYou should all know the deal by now, YES, it is BLACK FRIDAY coming up…

It really is always like BLACK FRIDAY pricing here at RIDE ON!

This FRIDAY, SATURDAY and SUNDAY for the masses we will be matching the discount on BIKES with discounts on all your ACCESSORIES!

For those that follow us ONLINE, this blog, our Facebook or Instagram or even Twitter @rideonagain can get the deals as of NOW!

Great chance to bag a great deal on not just a bike, but all the things that go with it!

Our SALE in a nutshell is all 2015 or older models:

10-33% OFF Hybrid Bikes
20% OFF CX, Road and Touring Bikes
20% OFF Fixed Gear and Single Speed
25% OFF All Carbon and Aluminum Road Bikes!
30% OFF City Style Cruisers and Mountain Bikes

These deals are valid at ALL 4 lower Mainland RIDE ON locations:

RIDE ON AGAIN, 2255 West Broadway.

RIDE ON MAIN, 2180 Main Street.

RIDE ON IT, 8722 Granville Street.

RIDE ON Tri-Cities, #105-3200 Westwood.

All stores are open from 11-6:30 EVERY DAY!

Just a reminder, we do have some 2016 bikes in stock. For 2016 we are seeing bike prices rise between 10-20% due to the weaker Canadian Dollar.

Many 2015’s on sale, are the same spec as 2016’s (just different color in many cases), makes those savings that little bit sweeter!!




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