Custom Bike Builds

Check out these examples of how dialed a bike can be! We deal with lots of distributors so there always always lots of options to consider. Stop by either of our stores and bounce ideas around and we’ll see what we can do to help you put your dream ride together.

fatchance Mark’s other custom build! He has had the FAT CHANCE frame, fork, stem and bars since 89′ along with the COOKS BROS cranks and Syncros post. We gave it a few modern and couple of classic touches. WHITE INDUSTRIES hubs, CHRIS KING headset, PAUL Canti levers, Canti’s and PAUL thumb shifter adapters all in black. Dura-Ace 9 speed shifters mounted as thumbies, MAVIC 719‘s. Even found a NOS Shimano M900 XTR derailleur.
Zoom in on the pic and you’ll even see the custom “Fat Chance” lock on grips!

Mark’s custom bike build.
58cm FELT BROUGHAM Frame and Fork set
SRAM Automatic Rear Hub (2 speed auto shift!)
THOMSON seat post and Stem
Titanium railed BROOKS B17 seat
MAVIC Open Pro Ceramic Rims
BLACKSPIRE titanium spindle pedals
Wooden bars to top it all off

ronINMAN F-it INMAN 21.5 top tube Frame, S&M pitch fork with 990 mounts.
F-it front load stem, F-it “bar stool” seat, F-it chainring, F-it 24mm cranks, S&M Hoder bars, Front and Rear Hombre brakes! Revenge “Arc” chrome Rims, Eclat hubs, Animal GLH Tires. 4 United Pegs, La Casa long seat post.

A few more custom mod pieces from Ron himself!

Rob’s custom F-IT build.
Rob went for the 21 Inch F-IT Dugan TD350 frame and handlebars, Cult Forks, S&M XLT stem, S&M seat, Fly cranks, pedals, brake, seatpost and tires with a TREE 28t sprocket, 1664 rims laced to a Madera hub with titanium driver in the back and Vandero II up front.

This ROCKMAN trials bike frame is built up using some PLANET X “knife and forks”, Truvativ cranks and bars, UNO stem. Avid V-brake on the rear and Avid DB7 on the front, Surly single speed hub, “no-railleur”, Chunky Kenda tires, 2.5 rear and 2.35 up front.

KHS Flite 100, Deep Dish BREV wheels, much beefier ALL CITY’s. Also opted for a BMX stem and BMX cruiser bar with a front brake over the brakeless drop bar option. Final touches were the freewheel, flat pedals and BROOKS B17 to top it all off!

Rod’s custom SE OM FLYER custom welded on a trip to the SE factory. Front canti studs and cable tabs were added, 5 speed on the back with a roller brake, XT shifter & derailleur! 26 ACS Z-rims, DK stem, GT CD and Power Series cranks, Suntour beartrap pedals and Ame tri grips.

This 18″ MASI SOULVILLE has been completely customised from top to bottom.
The wheels were built up using Sturmey Archer Drum Brake hubs into aluminum rims with stainless spokes and running as a Single Speed freewheel.
Avid Brake Levers, alloy platform pedals, aluminum FSA headset and new BB.
Awesome looking Metropolis Cranks, Stem and Bars. BROOK’s bar wrap style grips, BROOKS B17 saddle on a chrome layback seatpost!
Carl’s new custom. FIT Marv frame, S&M front end with XLT tapered pitchforks, Hoder Bars, XLT race stem, COLONY lever, DEMOLITION brake. 1664 Cranks & rims, S&M L7 sprocket, PREMIUM pedals. PROFILE totem hubs, FIT grips, faf tires & seat. REVENGE pivotal post.

Katie’s Custom. Volume Thrasher Frame, Fork and Hipster Bars, Profile Cranks, Whippet Chainring, Odyssey Plastic pedals and Yuuki Straps, Phil Wood hubs laced to Velocity B43 rims, Kenda Tires, Premium BMX Stem, ODI grips and a Turbo seat!

Hillary’s Birthday Bike!
Don got a 4130 chromoly MTB F&F powdercoated. WHITE INDUSTRIES Hubs & Cranks, full Shimano Deore Groupset, LX/XT mix. T-BONE stem,a pair of comfort kick back bars and a custom engraved BROOKS seat.

Johnny’s custom 20″ Macneil prototype frame, Macneil 22.2mm pivotal post, Eclat Tibia Cranks, Eclat female axle Hubs, Bondi rims, Eclat Seat, Brake, Brake Lever & pedals. We The People Forks, Stem, Bars, Sprocket, Tires and grips.

Devon’s Custom Skull Skates Cruiser
Lots of old school anodized blue, Shimano DX pedals, VDC aluminum bars, ACS hubs, MX style hinged clamp, Sugino Cranks, anodized canti’s and levers. More classic touches with NOS Araya rims, DK stem, Schwable Fat Frank tires and a Brooks saddle.

Cutter Complete,
49cm Volume Cutter Frame with the Volume Fu Manchu Fork so it feels about a size bigger, Volume Hipster bars, Axiom stem, UNO post, Metal Bikes Seat, Fuji Track Cranks, KMC white chain, MKS pedals, Brev super deep rear wheel, Velocity Deep V front, 23c on the back and 38c up front. Built up for sale in the MAIN STREET store to show people some custom possibilitis. It’s even in the Main Street shop colors!
Check it out on the Volume Bikes website by clicking HERE!

Volume Thrasher Frame, Volume Fu Manchu Fork, Yellow Deep V’s, VIDA 38c Tires, Tree Spline drive chainring, Salt Cranks, Premium Stem, Redline Bars, Snafu Saddle, Plastic Haro pedals, ODI longneck grips. Built custom for sale at the MAIN STREET store. NOW SOLD!

1950’s Glider frame machined to 14mm dropouts… Profile Cranks, FBM sprocket, Eastern plastic pedals, suicide lever! Skull Skates handlebars, wheels from a Volume Sledgehammer, tires smooth on the back and grippy up front, seat from the dark ages.

VEGAN DESTROYER. 54cm MEGA DESTROYER frame. Fuji Cranks, S&M pedals, Profile hubs, Velocity Deep V Rims, cyclocross tires, Titec stem, DH bars, ODI Longnecks, Tech 77 Lever. Vegan friendly pleather MACNEIL pivotal seat/post. Maximum rampability!

Peugeot Frame, random fork, Paul’s own paint job & hand drawn decals, 3 speed Sturmey Archer Hub, laced into a Black Velocity Deep V rear, radial laced White Velocity Deep V on the front.

Big Frank’s Sword,
59cm FBM sword F&F, Cinelli stem, Profile Cranks with Ti spindle! 44t S&M motomag sprocket, wipperman chain, toshi straps, Thompson layback post, San Marco Rolls seat, RNC Ti seatclamp, Paul front & Phil wood rear hubs, Deep V rims & schwables. Bell, tassles & beer holder.
We built 25 of these custom bikes for MEGADESTROYER. The frame and forks were sent off and painted matte black, Megadestroyer decals & leather headbadges, KEN DIAMOND custom branded BROOKS B17 saddles for that extra touch.
Wheels built with formula hubs and black Velocity Deep V rims.

FBM Sword frame (53cm) and FBM Sword fork, Purple fixed Profile Hubs laced to black Velocity Deep V rims, white Brev tire on the rear with a black tire up front. SRAM messanger cranks, Axion stem with drop bars and rocking a front brake!

Jay’s Ripper
SE PK RIPPER frame, LANDING GEAR fork, SE stem, bars and cranks. Velocity Chukker rims, Paul front hub, automatic shift coaster brake hub! Wipperman chain, GACK chainring & Odi grips.

Hot Carl’s Cardona,
S&M 21″ Cardona Frame, XLT forks, XLT stem, Hoder bars and S&M seat, Colony Lever, Demolition Brake, F-it Cranks, 30t Kink Sprocket, 9t Profile Mini Hubs, alloy nuts! 1664 rims & cable, F-it F.A.F. 2.25 tires, Thomson post, Premium alloy pedals, KMC 710 SL chain

Big Frank’s OM Flyer
2011 SE OM FLYER. Managed to find a 36 hole TORPEDO 2 speed automatic coaster hub, DUSTIN to an automatic 2 speed freewheel! Couple of other extras are the Kore plastic Pedals, SE pad set, beer holder, Kenda K-rad on the back and a Maxxis Holy Roller Tire up front and the Premium seat.

Clarence’s FBM SWORD
Built using our best selling fixed gear frame, the FBM Sword, Carbon Fiber fork, Lots of Red! Profile Hubs laced to Velocity Deep V rims, Sugino Cranks, Animal Pedals, red chainring, seatpost clamp, brake, bar ends and grips to tie it all together!
Kareem’s Commuter Cutter
56cm Voume Cutter Frame, Carbon Road fork, FSA Cranks and stem, Flat bar, 3 speed internal gear hub with a grip shift, axiom post and a San Marco saddle, rocking front and rear brakes, Continental Gartorskin tires, super commuter!

Gobbo Build!
56cm Gobbo Frame and Fork, handbuilt in Ontario, Columbus tubing, Campagnolo hubs, 9 speed cassette, derailleur and single ring Campy cranks. Brooks saddle, Nitto stem, flat bars and full wrap fenders for all weather commutes.

One of our local’s came by with just a Leader F&F and a set of wheels. He went with a BREV crankset, alloy pedals with YNOT straps, FSA Headset, AXIOM stem and riser bar, Tektro Brake. Micro adjust post and a seat to match the OURY grips. Rounded off with CST czar tires.

cw26 DEVON‘s CW 26 build that got finished off this week just in time for the cruiser ride! CW frame, fork and cruiser bars, TUFFNECK stem, Tioga Beartrap II headset, original PROFILE box section cranks, HUTCH pedals, MX brake lever, caliper and seat clamp, fluted post, ARAYA rims, all over AWESOMENESS!

8 Responses to “Custom Bike Builds”

  1. Tom Meraw May 11, 2011 at 11:59 am #

    How did the Torpedo 2 speed conversion end up working? Are they very heavy?

    • rideonagain May 11, 2011 at 4:56 pm #

      Works a treat, they can be temperamental at times. Luckily Dustin got it dialed and running sweet as a freewheel. Big Frank is big, ramps the bike pretty regular, and we have a couple of people running them with no issues!

  2. Michael June 20, 2011 at 4:32 pm #

    What kind of flat shifters did you use with the Gobbo Build Up? Which model/year is the rear derailleur? I’m stuck with a bunch of veloce nine speed parts and flat bar bike. At the moment it has a veloce hubs, 9-speed cassette and no way of changing gears.

    • rideonagain June 22, 2011 at 12:17 am #

      Just an old Shimano ratcheting shifter on this build, no idea on the year of the derailleur, although I have not seem too many black Campagnolo groupsets… so it might be searching google to see about that.

  3. Michael June 22, 2011 at 4:37 pm #

    Thanks. it looks like a nice ride.

  4. ricky j March 10, 2012 at 10:09 am #

    when ya getting the next batch of se lil rippers in stock i want one

  5. Lori January 20, 2013 at 9:07 pm #

    I need a recumbent due to back issues. Are you planning to? used to know sun rider recumbenrt, the model ”a easy rider ‘ all the bell &’whistles, seat was oversized for comforlt, simano gears , ATP and dual disc brakes . Completely convertible, with or without the wind fairer . Grocery basket in behind seat big enough to carry up to. 65 lb dog.

    What do you think about this bike? Look up Sun Rider, Easy-rider.

    • rideonagain January 21, 2013 at 9:52 pm #

      Seems pretty sweet, I don’t much about recumbent bikes, the best place I can think of for sound advice and expertise would be Cambie Cycles.

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