Custom Wheel Builds

Only $35 labor per wheel to have your dream wheel expertly built up by one of our wheel build specialists!

Pick from the vast number of HUB and RIM options we have available in our stores or available to us to from most major distributors.

We’ll supply the spokes and can cut them to size if be needed. $1 a spoke (DT Swiss Straight gauge in black or stainless)

Many more spoke and nipple options options available upon request at varying prices depending on color, material and level of quality.

Choose or ask us what might be the best lacing pattern for you. (3 cross, 4 cross, radial, crows foot, etc. etc.)

The benefits of a good hand built wheel, besides getting to choose the hubs and rims for aesthetics, is the quality.

Almost every wheel you get on a new bike will either be machine built and tensioned or done in a production line process where speed and not necessarily quality is the biggest concern.

Hand built/custom wheels are built by a skilled human who takes pride in their work, knows and understands the tolerances, tensions, dish and the truing of the wheel, what its intended use is going to be, size and weight of the rider etc.

If your planning on getting the most out of your bike and less in the way of broken spokes and wheel straightening a custom wheel could be a good idea.

Below are some examples of some of the more recent Custom built wheels. Some are for customers/staff and some we build up to sell in the store as hand/custom built.

Check these out for a killer set of wheels, Sturmey Archer 8 speed with a Drum Brake, Front with the Drum brake too!
Laced to 36 hole White Velocity Deep V Rims, Black Swiss DT spokes and Green Nipples. Rounded off with SESSION kevlar folding tires.

PROFILE 32 hole fixed hubset in purple, stainless steel Swiss DT Single gauge spokes with Gold Nipples (who doesn’t like purple and gold?) laced to a Velocity B43 700c Rim on the rear and a Velocity Deep V 650c rim on the front for some extra barspin/foot clearance.

PAUL 32h fixed hub. Laced into a Velocity Deep V silver rim. Comes with black spokes/purple nipples. Hub value $200, Rim $100, Spokes $32, Lock ring and cog $40, Build cost $35= $407

VELO-ORANGE 36 h Gran Cru Touring Hub (BMX style easy remove cassette body for ease of replacing spokes) Fully sealed bearings, laced to a VELO-ORANGE Raid Rim with double eyelets using straight gauge stainless spokes.

PROFILE 32 hole Front Hub with Titanium bolts!

Radially laced to a MAVIC Open Pro Ceramic Rim.

We still have Pairs of PROFILE track hubs (green, red, blue and purple 32 and 36 hole) for less than HALF PRICE at both our Vancouver stores

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