20% MORE Cyclists on Vancouvers streets!

12 May


Interesting article over on the CBC showing that the number of riders in Vancouver went up by 20% last year over 2013, we know that we’re busier than ever too and long may the trend continue!

Read the full article HERE!

Talking of bikes on roads, check out this miraculous escape from what could have turned out to be a complete disaster in Moscow. Hopefully your commute is less eventful…

Mug Shots!

7 May



These are the 2 specimens that managed to get away with a couple of bikes early this morning from our Marpole store.

The 2 bikes, if you do see for sale are both BMX’s, nicer Norco models:

– A REV 21″ Top Tube, raw frame, fork, bars with Copper rims, Odyssey Aitken tires.

– A REV 20.5 Top Tube, Dark Grey Frame, Fork, Bars with Green rims and Odyssey Aitke Tires.

Obviously if you can name names, contact us or the police as we would love to see them face some level of punishment.

Share around as I’m pretty sure we are not the only bike shop that have been, or will be interested in visiting.


Marpole Smash and Grab Sale!

7 May

Sad to say we had another break in at our Marpole store, the thieves shouldn’t be the only ones walking away with the deals, so for today and tomorrow only (7+8th May) we’re having a “smash and grab” sympathy sale…

25% OFF the original price of all NEW bikes!

50% OFF all USED bikes!

ALL USED kids bikes ONLY $20!

In stock itemes only, everything is already fixed, new glass in, but you know us, any excuse for a sale!


12 Mar

beatroute GRAND OPENING THIS WEEKEND!! for our NEW/relocated MAIN STREET store at MAIN and 6th!!

All set to go apart from our DEBIT/CREDIT machine, so just a heads up that it will be CASH ONLY this weekend! DEBIT/CREDIT machine will be good to go by Monday or Tuesday.

Bring cold, hard, CASH! There WILL be deals! Even if it’s to get a deposit on one of the MANY BIKES that will be on SALE!

Many More MASI Models!

7 Mar

This is our 2015 lineup of MASI CX/ALL ROAD options.

All models are now in stock, we even managed to special order some 47cm CX options for all the smaller folks wanting to get on a CX!

Great response so far with a lot of people snapping up the CXR and CXGR‘s.

Double butted Chromoly “Cyclocross” model.
Very adaptable bike and can also be used as a commuter or touring bike.
Comes with all the braze on’s, eyelets and room for fenders and racks that you could need.
CLARIS 8 speed STI shifters and derailleurs, FSA triple crankset.
47,49,51,53,56,58 and 60cm Sizes!
Priced at ONLY $999

IMG_7544 2015 MASI CX COMP
Sporting mechanical disc brakes and the new monstercross size fork. The CX Comp comes in this nickel finish for 2015. 10 speed TIAGRA shifters and derailleurs. Ready to race, ramp, commute or even tour.
Your do it all bike from MASI.
47,49,51,53,56,58 or 60cm sizes!
Priced at $1,339

IMG_7543 2015 MASI CXGR
Double Butted Chromoly Frame with a Carbon Fork.
Disc Brake do everything drop bar bike! Compact FSA Gossamer crankset, 11 speed 105 shifters and derailleurs.
DEDA Bar, Stem and Post. Rack and fender options. Road/CX/Touring anything!
49,51,53,56,58 and 60cm Sizes.
Priced at $1,759

Double Butted Aluminum Frame with a Carbon Fork, Disc Brake CX race level bike.
11 speed Shimano 105 shifters and derailluers. PF30 FSA Gossamar CX cranks, 46/36 gearing. 11-28t,
DEDA Stem, Bar and post topped off with a Prologo Kappa seat.
52,55,57 and 60cm sizes.
Priced at $1,799


6 Mar

beatrouteadOur MAIN STREET store (@rideonbikeshop) is getting ever so close to completion! It’s going to be at MAIN & 6th. Close to a couple of busy bike lanes, next door to BRASSNECK BREWING and right around the corner from THE WHIP!

To celebrate we have the following offers on at ALL 3 of our VANCOUVER stores until the END OF THE MONTH!

Expect there to be some EPIC DEALS at the MAIN STREET STORE on it’s OPENING WEEKEND! We’ll let you know when that is when we know for sure ourselves…

We’re Hiring!!!

11 Feb

Currently seeking applicants for various key positions at our Kitsilano based Bike Store. If you are what we are after, or if you KNOW someone who might be, let them know!

We are an extremely busy location, offering both new and used bikes for sale and offering a full range of repair services.
Even with the fast pace, we try to create a relaxed atmosphere for both customers and employees.

Expect to be kept busy, but hopefully enjoy yourself too!

For more information on the shop, check out our website at http://www.rideonagain.com or check out our instagram @rideonagain or @rideonbikeshop

EVEN IF you are an avid cyclist, love bikes, work on your own bike etc. but lack actual bike shop experience, please do not apply for these positions.

The reality is that we are just too busy to have the time to teach people at this time.

From time to time we will have junior positions become available, but for now, EXPERIENCED PEOPLE ONLY!


We are hiring experienced BICYCLE SALES PEOPLE.

MUST HAVE experience in BIKE SALES! Be competent at sizing, accessorizing and recommending the right bike for the intended use.

Experience with POS systems, Cash Handling and Merchandizing also an advantage.

Expect when it is not busy to be cleaning, tidying and helping wherever you may be needed.

Wage negotiable depending on experience



Previous experience is a MUST. Rate of pay will be determined by the level of experience.

Must be competent with almost all types of repairs. We service and repair all makes and models, refurbish older bikes so everything from older style internal geared hubs and cotter pin cranks… to hydraulic brake work and everything in between.

Please email your resumes to jobs@rideonagain, we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

Ride On Again


22 Jan

Our 2 NEW Vancouver stores are getting ever closer to completion.

RIDE ON will be opening back up on MAIN and 6th hopefully by March 1st, and RIDE ON IT should hopefully be operational even SOONER down in MARPOLE at GRANVILLE and 71st.


2180 MAIN STREET. Nestled right between the WHIP and the BRASSNECK BREWERY!
New bigger location where we will have the vertical height to have a bike museum of sorts in the rafters!!
New and Used bike sales, parts and accessories and a full service repair shop.
Drop your bike in for a quick fix and wet your whistle while you wait!

marpole 8722 GRANVILLE STREET.
Our new MARPOLE location.
Considering that there are no bike shops currently catering for SOUTH VANCOUVER we will hopefully be a lot of peoples local shop for new and used bike sales, repairs and accessories in the area!

USED BICYCLES VANCOUVER site is back in action

19 Jan

Our USED BIKES website is back up and running again with regular updates with some of the nicer used bikes that we have on offer.

ALL of our USED BIKES are sold as FULLY TUNED! Our bikes come to us on a donation basis, we supply the necessary parts (new and used) and the know how and skilled labor to get these bikes ready for the road once more and out of the landfills.

That way you can buy a USED BIKE with confidence from us, knowing that it was FULLY TUNED, bought from an actual BIKE SHOP with a full range of lights, locks, helmets, racks, fenders etc. You can get some expert advice, check out between 20-30 USED BIKES all at once in the comfort of our yard.

When it comes to paying you can use cash/debit/credit and our prices are normally as good, if not better than those you’ll see on Craigslist for similar quality bikes!

The website is www.usedbicyclesvancouver.com and you can follow the USED BIKES on instagram @usedbicyclesvancouver.

While you are on instagram you may as well follow us @rideonagain and @rideonbikeshop too!

Here is a snap of our line-up from last week:


25 Dec


Includes, parts, accessories, labor, ALL BIKES (including 2015 models – save up to $1,500!)


Some serious BOXING WEEK offers on MOST in store items.
(everything apart from 2015 Bicycles, get those on BOXING DAY!)

(until the end of the year)

50% OFF! every 2012 model
50% OFF! every 2014 MOUNTAIN BIKE model
40% OFF! every 2013 model
25% OFF! every 2014 model
33% OFF! every LOUIS GARNEAU model

2015 “ALL ROAD” options.

18 Dec

Options are the big deal here, our main brands, BRODIE, MASI and RALEIGH all have some great “ALL ROAD” bikes in their lineup for 2015.

Pretty much an “ALL ROAD” or “GRAVEL ROAD” is a road bike designed to be more well rounded for a variety of uses. Something you can train, race, commute, adventure or even tour on! Somewhere between a traditional road bike and Cyclocross/Touring option.

You’ll see disc brakes, much larger tire clearance on the frame and forks, allowing you to run a much larger tire size depending on your application, also normally eyelets and braze ons so you can also run full coverage fenders and racks, lots of the time compact gearing cranksets and wider range cassettes, making them true all rounders!

Here are some of the offerings we have in store so far:

4130 Chromo Frame & Fork. 9 speed Shimano SORA Cranks, Shifters and derailleurs. BIG change for 2015; Disc Brakes, now even more versatile in terms of increased tire and fender clearance. A true “ALL” road bike.
RRP. $1,199

4130 Chromo Frame & Fork. 10 speed TIAGRA cranks, shifters and derailleurs. DEORE hubs, HAYES CX expert Disc Brakes. Lots of clearance and mounts to make for a bike capable of anything on road related.
RRP. $1,649

2015-Masi-CXGR-Raw CXGR
Double Butted Chromoly Frame, Carbon Fork, Disc Brake do everything drop bar bike! Compact FSA Gossamer crankset, 11 speed 105 shifters and derailleurs, DEDA Bar, Stem and Post. Rack and fender options.
Priced at $1,759

BUTTED Aluminum Frame, Carbon Fork, 10 speed 105 Shifters, Cranks and R.Derailleur. Tiagra Cassette, F.Derailleur. ALEX a-class hubs and Rims, EASTON EA50 Stem and Post, Selle Italia Nekkar seat. UNDER 20lbs!!
RRP. $1,799

BUTTED 4130 Chromo Frame, Carbon Fork, 10 Speed 105 Shifters, Cranks and R.Derailleur. Alex CXD5 Hubs and Rims, HAYES CX Pro Disc Brakes, Easton EA50 Stem and Post, Selle Italia Nekkar Seat. ONLY 22.8lbs
RRP. $1,999

December Deals!

9 Dec


Some serious deals in store until the run up to Christmas and beyond!!!

These are valid for ALL OF DECEMBER! while stocks last.

For Bikes we have:
25% OFF ALL remaining 2014 models
33% OFF ALL Louis Garneau Bikes (2014 and 2015 samples!)
40% OFF ALL remaining 2013 models
50% OFF a select few bikes (fixed, touring, BMX models)

Part & Accessories (stocking stuffers) we have:
50% OFF a selection on KNOG lights and locks.
50-60% OFF a selection of SERFAS shoes.
50% OFF a selection of BMX DVD’s.
2 levels of GIFT BUNDLE PACKS. (lights, locks, bell etc.)
GIFT CERTIFICATES in ANY $$$’s amount required

The season for giving!!

9 Dec

Couple of big donations to some good causes lately!

First to stop by were around 30 adult sized bikes to the ROTARY CLUB and off to the Philippines in the new year.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The latest pick up was for 50 fully tuned kids bikes that are off to the Surrey Christmas Bureau. Hopefully putting smiles on the faces of a lot of kids this Xmas!

SKI and SNOWBOARD Tune Ups are BACK!!!

10 Nov

Seasonal reminder that we offer SKI & SNOWBOARD Tune-ups for ONLY $25!!!

Next day turnaround guaranteed, usually same day if you can get it in our hands before lunchtime.

This gets you a wax and an edge, for the bigger gouges we can fill them in with P-tex for $5 per gouge.

We offer the SKI & SNOWBOARD Tune-ups during ski season only! A week or so before the local mountains open, until they close!


*UPDATE* 2015 Brodie Bikes Launch Party! *UPDATE*

17 Oct

Well aren’t you in luck! With the nice weather and the good folks at BRODIE agreeing to help out for another day, it’s now a 2015 BRODIE LAUNCH WEEKEND!

If the weather holds we’ll have Bobby manning the BBQ, come take a 2015 for a test ride and have the chance to own one before anyone else!!!

Saturday 18th and Sunday 19th! October At our 2255 West Broadway store we’ll have almost every 2015 Brodie models on display/for sale at our 2015 Brodie Bikes launch.

The Brodie guys will be on hand to answer questions and fill you in with all the details.

Save on 2015 prices! HUGE savings
on all 2014 models!


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