NONE of our stores have any dumpsters! Pretty incredible considering our turnover.

We create on average about 1 shopping bag of waste per shop per day and run off 1 wheelie bin per week. I’m pretty sure most other stores in the city have dumpsters, or at least not as high a recycling rate as we do!

Pretty much everything we use we RECYCLE! We split everything down and send it off to the appropriate recycle depot:

Frames, forks, bars, wheels, cranks, stems, cable inners etc all goes to the appropriate steel and aluminum recyclers.

Everything from bike boxes being brought back to the distributors so that they can re-use them, all the packing materials that come with new bikes and products get taken to the cardboard recycling spot.

All the single ply paper packaging is kept separate from the cardboard and is also sent off for separate recycling.

You would not believe how many tires we accumulate, tires are taken to recycling depot, they get shredded so they can be re-used as fill for road surfaces.

The tubes also get taken for recycling, or turned into wallets,purses and bags by one of the staff.

All the clean HARD plastic that comes with the packaging of new bikes and parts gets sent off and recycled, we even cut off the zap straps at just right place so we store those can re-use them, then recycle the bits we cut off!!

All the SOFT plastic such as bags and packaging from new bikes, parts and accessories gets sent off and recycled. *This can be done by anyone reading at the “return it” centre’s*

All of the styrofoam, unwanted reflectors, weird shaped packing materials that might look good in collages or sculptures get taken to a local art supplies store, the URBAN SOURCE on Main and 15th, where we donate them so that they can be used again in a more artistic and creative way.

We advertise the styrofoam at moving time (end of the month), this makes for great packing for around picture frames, mirrors or glass pieces. Even really useful for padding out boxes.

All of our used bikes are the epitome of RECYCLING. We collect your unwanted bikes, or you can drop them off at one of our stores no matter what condition.

If they are repairable we get them tuned up and ready for the road again with a combination of new or used parts and plenty of elbow grease!

They are generally priced well below the Craigslist average, 20-30 tuned bikes check out in the flesh at our BROADWAY store 10-6 every day.

The used kids bikes go out to a bunch of local charities, organisations and programmes. These include the Lions Club, Bicycles for Humanity, Trips for Kids etc.

We give away well over 1,000 per year, and prefer to give them away when we can. We get so overwhelmed with the amount of kids bikes that are donated, we do occasionally sell them at our BROADWAY store. Normally for a nominal fee of $20-$30, to cover all of our associated costs and mostly to stop people coming to get free ones and trying to flip them the same day on Cragislist…

Even if your bike is a mess, we can get it stripped down so it can be properly recycled, re-use what parts we can to get other bikes on the road and out of the landfills!

If you have any suggestions about how else we can recycle our materials in a better way let us know as we’re always looking for the more efficient ways to get as much as we can recycled.

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  1. Hil July 8, 2011 at 8:31 am #

    The first shot on here looks dope!


  1. Bike Shop Snapshot: Ride Away Bikes | In Wheel Life - July 31, 2013

    […] I think the bike recycling model sounds great – giving new life to two-wheelers that were collecting dust and rust. Apparently, this is a practice that also takes place at their Vancouver location, the website of which outlines their Recycling Policy. […]

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