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Recovered Brodie Bikes!

1 Dec

There were a couple of happy customers that stopped by our Broadway store this week after being reunited with their stolen bikes!

Unfortunately we have people come in all too often having had their bikes stolen.

Luckily enough we also get a lot of people coming in with big smiles after getting their bike back!

There are always things you can do to try and minimize the chances of having your bike stolen. A good quality lock, having your bike equipped with NON Quick Release levers, locking the bike correctly!!

Also worth trying to lock the bike at busier, generally more frequented locations such as coffee shops, grocery stores as opposed to places such as Sky Train stations, outside cinemas, libraries etc. where people are normally gone for a period of time.

We always take customers details, name, phone number and record the Serial Number of the bike. Now that we are computerized we email a copy of the receipt so there is a paper and electronic copy of the serial number.

Recently, the VPD recently teamed up with the PROJECT 529 AP (bike registry ap) to try and make the reporting and recovery of stolen bikes much easier and faster.

“Despite enforcement, and initiatives like Bait Bikes, over 2000 bicyles are stolen in Vancouver every year. In the summer months, nine bikes are stolen every day.

On the flipside, the VPD recovers roughly 2000 bicycles in a year. Unfortunately, the majority of them will never be returned to their owners, as their serial numbers have not been reported to police, making them untraceable. These bikes will end up at auction, but we’d rather return them to their rightful owners.”




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