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Bicycle Recycling!

8 Dec

This was a pretty neat write up from the Province last week featuring Dennis from the Burnaby Lions Club.


For the past few years, Dennis has been working away all year fixing up donated kids bikes, getting them restored and ready for another thankful new owner!

We always donate whatever parts, tools he needs and also donated many of the kids bikes.

Thanks for the shout out, much appreciated. Obviously it goes without saying, if you have any bicycles (any shape, size or condition) get a hold of us, we even offer a FREE PICK UP service!

We have always recycled donated bikes, and always will. Any of you that know us will know how big we are on recycling. We always aim to keep as much out of the landfill as possible by taking our tires/tubes to be shredded and put back into asphalt, steel and aluminum separated and recycled. Read more at www.vancouverbicyclerecycling.com

Of course, anything we can refurbish, tune and get back on the road we do and sell on as one of our FULLY TUNED used bikes.

Great for the students, anyone that needs a reliable bike on a budget, or wants a solid “beater bike” we have an idea of what is in stock on our USED BIKES SITE


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