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We’re Hiring! Experienced Mechanics Needed

19 Jan

Hiring right now, in January! (Doesn’t happen very often at this time of year) hiring_graphic

Looking for at least 2 experienced full time bike mechanics, the more experience the better. Broad knowledge of all types of bikes , both new and old.

Even if you are currently cut back to part time at another bike stores for winter, we can accommodate part timers with the right skills if you need an extra few shifts per week.

Competitive pay, easy going co workers, we’re higher volume than many other shops in town so do expect to be kept busy.

Weekend work is the be expected, email resumes to info@rideon.com or feel free to drop one off in person to our 2255 West Broadway location (11-6:30)

We’re Hiring!!!

11 Feb

Currently seeking applicants for various key positions at our Kitsilano based Bike Store. If you are what we are after, or if you KNOW someone who might be, let them know!

We are an extremely busy location, offering both new and used bikes for sale and offering a full range of repair services.
Even with the fast pace, we try to create a relaxed atmosphere for both customers and employees.

Expect to be kept busy, but hopefully enjoy yourself too!

For more information on the shop, check out our website at http://www.rideonagain.com or check out our instagram @rideonagain or @rideonbikeshop

EVEN IF you are an avid cyclist, love bikes, work on your own bike etc. but lack actual bike shop experience, please do not apply for these positions.

The reality is that we are just too busy to have the time to teach people at this time.

From time to time we will have junior positions become available, but for now, EXPERIENCED PEOPLE ONLY!


We are hiring experienced BICYCLE SALES PEOPLE.

MUST HAVE experience in BIKE SALES! Be competent at sizing, accessorizing and recommending the right bike for the intended use.

Experience with POS systems, Cash Handling and Merchandizing also an advantage.

Expect when it is not busy to be cleaning, tidying and helping wherever you may be needed.

Wage negotiable depending on experience



Previous experience is a MUST. Rate of pay will be determined by the level of experience.

Must be competent with almost all types of repairs. We service and repair all makes and models, refurbish older bikes so everything from older style internal geared hubs and cotter pin cranks… to hydraulic brake work and everything in between.

Please email your resumes to jobs@rideonagain, we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

Ride On Again

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