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We’re Hiring! Experienced Mechanics Needed

19 Jan

Hiring right now, in January! (Doesn’t happen very often at this time of year) hiring_graphic

Looking for at least 2 experienced full time bike mechanics, the more experience the better. Broad knowledge of all types of bikes , both new and old.

Even if you are currently cut back to part time at another bike stores for winter, we can accommodate part timers with the right skills if you need an extra few shifts per week.

Competitive pay, easy going co workers, we’re higher volume than many other shops in town so do expect to be kept busy.

Weekend work is the be expected, email resumes to info@rideon.com or feel free to drop one off in person to our 2255 West Broadway location (11-6:30)

Main Street Makeover

14 Mar

Our MAIN STREET store has been getting a facelift over the last few weeks.

We managed to squeeze in more bikes and have it feel as though there is still more room!

There are now more than 60 bikes built up and ready to roll, more room for all the parts and accessories too.
We had to sacrifice the bar, but with the parts cabinet/counter in its place we have more specialty parts on display too.

Many people still think of the MAIN STREET store as BMX, SS and Fixed only. We do specialize in, ride and stock as much as we can, but we try to cater to everyone.

Most of our local customers are daily commuters, so we’re stocking more in the way of city bikes, doing commuter conversions and offering all the parts and accessories to keep people rolling whatever the weather.

If your in the hood, come check it out for yourself. We’ve everything from runner bikes, 20, 24 and 26 bmx’s, comfort bikes, hybrids, road bikes, cafe racers, SS’s and Fixies.

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